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  1. You can construct a suitable user ID by taking the first letter of your first name (or first names), and appending your last name (or at least the beginning of your last name). User ID's may only contain letters (preferably lower case) 'a' to 'z', and digits '0' to '9'. You must add a full stop '.' and a short suffix, for example something describing your school, organization or location. This is absolutely required for us to distinguish between University of Helsinki users and CmapTools users.
  2. Any user with a proper University of Helsinki user ID can create new personal folders, both for themselves, and for others. This information is only used for authentication and authorization purposes, to avoid pranks and misuse. This user ID is not recorded in the personal folder, nor does it get any privileges to the folder. (We do log the user ID's and folder names created, separately.)